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About Us 

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About Our Theatre

Originally founded by Matt and Amanda McCave to present a welcoming, creative environment for budding young artists, Backyard Theatre was and is an organization driven by passion. They identified a gap in opportunities for young adult actors and put on compelling, challenging productions which tackled the complexities of human nature and the world around us. As happens in all lives, the McCaves' found their new adventure and decided to hand down their theatre to Travis Kuehn, Lexi Cooper, and Mia Anderson, young professionals which had sharpened their skills in Backyard Theatre as performers, volunteers, musicians, and much more. ​ With the wave of tragedy which came with COVID-19, the theatre did not escape their own. Anderson was lost, and the community and the theatre mourned her. In time, though, Kuehn and Cooper returned to help nurture the very community which had brought them all together. This sensitivity, passion, and love is still present in every aspect of the company, its members, and those which come enjoy the art created there. 

What those involved say

Backyard Theatre has played an important part in forming my identity as both a performer and person. It exemplifies the purpose of theatre: bringing people in the community together, being able to express oneself, and explore difficult social discourse. Backyard Theatre proves that you do not need a large-scale production in order to produce excellent theatre. I am extremely thankful for the opportunities i have had and the people I have met through Backyard Theatre. In fact, it is through this theatre that I have been lucky enough to meet my best friends! I am extremely excited to see what the future of Backyard Theatre holds! 

Brady Dannenberg, joined 2016

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